Flower Tips for Your Summer Wedding

Tis the season of marriage and love, and there’s nothing better than a summer wedding! With all of the stress of wedding planning and dress shopping, finding the right flowers wouldn’t be different. Which flowers should you get? What are the best flowers for summer? How do you choose? I have compiled a few simple tips to choosing the best summer flowers for your wedding and keeping your flowers looking fantastic on your big day!

Tip 1: Choose flowers that can withstand the weather conditions

With it being summertime, the temperature will only rise throughout the day, making flowers wilt and look old. When consulting with your florist, try and choose flowers that are slightly waxy. Just like any living thing, plants need water! Try and keep your flowers in vases of cold water and frequently spray your centerpieces with water (if your venue is outdoors). Try looking for flowers that are primarily summer flowers, wild or not. This may bring the upkeep down throughout the day.

Tip 2: Be you, be unique

It’s okay to go bold with your flowers, whether with the individual flower, or with its color. Summer is the perfect time to go with an almost wildflower feel with bright tangerine, fuchsia, poppy pink, and maroon colors. Sunflowers and larkspur are two great options for a more casual wedding, bringing a pop of color to your bouquet and centerpieces. You’re a bold, beautiful person, your flowers should reflect that!

Tip 3: Hire an expert florist!

Living in Utah, I know it’s easy to pin to a board on Pinterest and purchase the flowers yourself. Pinterest is a great way to narrow down what you want and plan a large portion of your wedding, but it’s good to remember that there are people technically trained in the art of floral design. They have ways of keeping your flowers fresh and are able to see things before you do. To keep your flowers fresh and vibrant, go to a florist, and save your wedding from a potential flower massacre.

Flowers set the mood for your event and summer flowers will definitely make your wedding one to remember.

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